10 cool people you must follow on TikTok

@ mimimoocher

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, goes the clock when the hours are passing by when I'm scrolling on TikTok. One might say it’s an unhealthy relationship me and my for you page have, but I’m just having the best time.

I’m usually on the couch under a nice and cozy blanket or lying in bed. Both are places that I do really love to be at while I’m laughing my ass off, getting relationship advice (shouldn’t always listen tho), keeping up with the latest fashion trends, or connecting with people around the world. And yes, I realize that social media isn’t always the safe place we want it to be. But that doesn’t mean that we should generalize all TikTokkers in general. There are some amazing people that I do like to follow that brighten up my day. Because we don’t gatekeep at La Tribeau, I, of course, made a list for our tribe of creators you don’t want to miss out on.

However, be aware of your screen time and get yourself outside for some vitamin D when needed. 

1 @Lewiscapaldi for laughs

2 @Annaxsitar for your daily life

3 @monetmcmichael for beauty & skincare 

4 @Emilymariko for food

5 @Refanmia for epic gen Z fashion

6 @asherglean for relatable day-to-day situations

7 @Emiliekiser for life as a young and cool mom

8 @restfullrambles for ASMR

9 @ritamontezumac for outfit dumps

10 @Therapyjeff for relationship advice 

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