5 TikTok trends you have to try


We all know TikTok is the new hub for all sorts of trends. We gathered the 5 trends for you that can’t be missed at the moment.  

1 Faux freckles with self-tan

You've probably seen loads of makeup hack videos on TikTok, and there are plenty of people showing how easy it is to get those cute freckles. If you're searching for a quick way to spice up your glam, this is a fun trick to try out!

 2 Glass skin

A hot trend in skincare right now is "glass skin," inspired by Korean beauty. This year we are all about achieving that glass-skin look. It’s the perfect way to show off your natural beauty without piling on layers of heavy makeup. It's all about aiming for skin that shines with a radiant, dewy glow, making it appear as clear and smooth as glass. 

 3 Tooth gems are fun

Another surprising return this year is tooth gems! They’re a fun way to change up your smile without permanent changes being made. In fact – we already wrote an article about them as well :).

 4 Heatless overnight curls 

Say goodbye to the bad hair days and damaged hair with this quick trick. If you're after that luxurious '90s blowout appearance without the heat styling, the TikTok heatless curls trend is your go-to solution. Dutch hair-queen Negin Mirsalehi, owner of the brand Gisou, is showing us how to do it with the socks from your drawer ;).

5 DIY party top

It’s time to get the basic long-sleeved T-shirt out of your closet that hasn’t been touched for a long time! This TikTok trend teaches you how to get creative with one item and style it in multiple ways. Fashionable, and sustainable!

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