How to get a rounder (and stronger) butt!


We get it, we really do. Let's be real, no matter what your fitness goals are, wanting a perfect round booty is somewhere on that wish list. Of course, I want you guys to become the best version of yourself, so here I am to the rescue! That’s why I am here with 5 tips on how to grow, firm, tighten, and bulk up your butt! And I am sure that booty looks good in your favorite La Tribeau thong.
Thank us later.

1. Muscle failure

An essential to booty muscle growth is… you guessed it, right? Exercise! Muscle failure is the key to achieving a well-rounded butt, so don’t just give 10% when you can easily give 100%. Your last rep should be hard! This is the moment where the gains are made :) 

2. Dedication > motivation

We all know that sudden burst of motivation, right? Well, I have some news... That feeling almost never stays with anyone. So, what’s more important than motivation? Dedication and consistency. Don’t think about it and start to see the gym as a part of your daily routine.

3. Protein, protein, protein

One thing that’s even more important than exercise is your protein intake. Protein repairs your muscles after working out! An easy way to find out how much protein your body needs is by multiplying your body weight in kilograms with 1,2-1,7. This is the amount of protein per kg you need when you are lifting weights. Keep an eye open for protein-rich recipes in the future at the tribe ;). I am already sharing my favorite protein bars with you to give a sneak-peek.

4. Lift those weights!

The exercises you must do to get a nice butt aren’t that difficult. In fact, you only need 3 exercises in your routine, do this twice a week and you will thank me later ;). Start off with a hip trust (some gyms have a machine and in some gyms, you have to use a barbell). The second exercise is a Romanian deadlift and the last one is an isolation exercise. I personally switch this one up from time to time. You can try step-ups, back extensions, or cable kickbacks and you (and your butt) are good to go!

5. Spice it up

Don’t put the gym as an obligation to yourself. You can make the gym more fun by buying cute gym fits or by switching your exercises up. And remember, Rome wasn’t built in one day! Everything takes time.

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