Mother's Day Date Ideas

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It’s almost Mother’s Day! So it’s time to put someone special in the spotlight. It can be your mother, sister, best friend, or any mother figure you might have, maybe even yourself. Finding something to do on Mother’s Day may be difficult that’s why I gathered some activities you can do with your loved ones on Mother’s Day. 

Go out for an activity
Take your mom out! There are endless possibilities of things you can do. Want to go all out? Dress up together, and go out for a High Tea. An afternoon sipping and spilling tea with your mom, who doesn’t want that? If brunching all day isn’t really your thing then visiting a museum could be more your cup of tea ;). Spending time with your mom and doing cultural activities go hand in hand, so figure out what museums are close to you and give them a look. 

Or….stay in
Of course - you don’t always have to go out to have fun. Staying in is more fun most of the time. Here are some things you can do at home, make your mom’s favorite home-cooked meal and surprise her with this feast. Gather some snacks, pillows, and blankets and have a movie night with the fam. Nothing is more important than getting to spend time with your loved ones. The next one has been on my TikTok for you page for ages and I have always wanted to host it. Get yourself and Mom some painting supplies and have a paint evening, it’s like when we were young and made drawings in school for our moms to give them on Mother’s Day.

Celebrate your own day,
Sometimes we celebrate Mother’s Day on our own, this can be because of many reasons. This shouldn’t mean that we don’t get to do something fun Sometimes we have to mother ourselves, and that is completely fine. So be easy on yourself this day and take yourself out on a date, or take your best friend, sister, or any of your loved ones. 

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