On Our Summer Menu

Photography Isabelle Bucx

Since it’s finally June and summer is just a few weeks away, we started making our own summer menu. With all the necessities for this summer, what to do, what to eat, how to cool down, and, what to wear. Thank us later!

To eat
First and most important, we need to eat this summer! Our bodies need to be filled with healthy fibers and proteins so we can go on our adventures all summer long. So, what’s crucial on our menu? Mixed fruits are a must, the perfect food for the summer. Cherries, Grapefruits, Peaches, and Figs belong on our menu. Nothing as sweet as fresh fruit from the market is crucial this summer! Next up, eggs and eggs are filled with lots of protein. Which helps you stay full for a longer period. Perfect if I say so myself, more time to spend tanning in the sun ;)

To cool down
Summer’s are HOT! So, we need to cool down to keep our minds in check. We have two options in store for you. One is for some extra fun and the other is as cold as ice (hehe;). Our Peachy Lemonade cocktail is key on our menu, the perfect mixture of spicing things up while cooling down. Cocktail night with the girls? YES PLEASE. Need some more cocktail inspo? Check out our favorite summer cocktail recipes. Ice ice baby, our Salty Kiss Ice Pop is here to cool you down. Can you already feel the soft summer breeze on the beach while enjoying a sweet ice pop? Ugh, we can only dream right now. 

To do
Feeling bored this summer? It’s okay we’ve all been there. All your friends are on vacation and you’re waiting for something to do? Wait no more my friend, I’ve got a fun little DIY project for you. Make your own magnets! We gave it a try and it’s the cutest thing ever. You’ll need a few things: 

- A4 Magnet Sheet
- a very sharp knife
- Scissors (always come in handy)
- Glue ( a good one)
- A4 paper with your own magnet designs 

The steps are easy, first, you create your designs. You place them on A4-sized paper and print them out. You glue the paper on the magnet sheet and cut them out, Voila! You just made your own magnets. Check out our TikTok where we created our own La Tribeau Magnets. 

To wear
Lingerie can’t be missed from our menu, at the end, it’s the first thing you put on in the morning. Our latest collection is the perfect fit for the summer, the name says it already. Groovy summer bra, Heat Wave thong, and Salty kiss thong, perfect for the summer. Shop your favorite items just in time for the summer. <3 


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