This is why the April theory is going to make you happier this month


Slowly but surely, there are more and more sunny days, and I couldn’t be happier about it. I was truly so done with bringing my umbrella everywhere with me. Thereby, the rain never ever matches my outfit.

Apart from the jokes, I could feel my body longing for longer days and sunlight. And now that the time is here, I feel much more energetic, light, and happy. I asked around and apparently, I wasn’t the only one who felt like this. It even has a name, called April theory and it applies especially to those who experience a little winter depression.

Basically, April theory is the whole concept that April is the month that life starts to get good. The general premise is that March it’s a time of chapters closing, and seasons ending. April is a time for springing anew. And if you noticed, spring is also starting in April. The weather gets nicer, and things are warming up just in time for summer. Technically the first day of spring starts on March 21st in Holland but let’s be honest it doesn’t get good in March yet.

If you’re looking from an astrology point of view it also makes a lot of sense. Because according to astrology there’s something much bigger going on: the shift from Pisces Season into Aries season. While most people think that Capricorn is the first sign of the zodiac because January first coincides with Capricorn season, the astrological year actually ends with the completion of Pisces season and begins with the beginning of Aries season, also known as the month April. Aries is known as the baby of the zodiac; they are the first sign and they represent this passionate and wonderous childlike energy. So as the Pisces season wraps up at approximately the end of March and transitions into Aries season, we feel that shift similar to the way we’d feel it during the new year. Interesting right?

So, I’ve you’ve been feeling really stagnant in life, bored, sad, depressed. This is the month when things are going to get really good for you. This is when the little buds on the trees come and this is the foundation for how life is going to get for you. Still, need some help in this transition? Here are 5 instant feel-good ideas.

1 Get outside, walk it out, and feel the sun on your face

Walking is known for clearing your head, while you’d get some exercise in. In addition, 20 minutes in the sun can improve your health.

 2 Spring cleaning

Maybe you’re not thrilled to start cleaning. But you can’t argue with us about the fact that a new beginning in life works better with a fresh and clean house. With that, it’s also a great excuse to buy yourself some new cute home accessories and get rid of the old ones.

3 Get things off your to-do list

Same thing here. Get things off your to-do list and get them on your done list. You will feel so much calmer when all the little tasks are out of your mind.

4 Stay hydrated

Humans have about 60 percent of our bodies made of water. So keep chugging your water if you want to keep the benefits from drinking water as flushing waste from your body and transportation of nutrients.

5 Take control of your own time

It’s your time and you get to say how you want to spend it. If you don’t want to do something, just say no politely. Fill your time with stuff that puts a smile on your face.




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