Producing new garments is not sustainable and we don't pretend it is. At La Tribeau, it is our own choice to produce new lingerie. However, we do our utmost to keep the entire supply chain as sustainable and ethical as possible. Let’s share the progress we made and the challenges we face so far.

Our Products

Designing long-lasting and durable lingerie is a way of minimizing our environmental impact. La Tribeau works with very limited quantities, resulting in no excess production and avoiding leftovers and waste. So much surplus production is destroyed every year, which we certainly do not.

Our lingerie consists for the most part of recycled polyester. By buying lingerie made of recycled polyester, you ensure that no new, heavy fossil materials are extracted. A small percentage per lingerie piece contains elastane, which is not very sustainable and we know that. Then why use this?

Elastane fibers are very strong and versatile, allowing them to be stretched repeatedly, and spring easily back to their original shape, keeping your lingerie beautiful. Therefore, the use of elastane is preferable, especially for lingerie since it is often being washed. Elastane is also well protected against body oils and sweat.

By using a small percentage of elastane in our lingerie, we ensure long life and better quality. It is better to spend a long time with one bra than to buy a new one every season ;).

Our Factory

We try to minimize our impact by working with European partners only. We work closely with our factory, which is located in Porto, Portugal, and they exclusively design and handmade 100% of our lingerie. They are specialized in designing and producing lingerie for over 30 years. These are the good guys, and they retain the same sustainable vision as we do.

A factory close to home allows us to check the quality remains consistent, something we know is important to our community. Because all steps in the production process are in the hands of our factory, quality is guaranteed and the number of links in the supply chain is low. From design to samples, to labels and hangtags, our factory is known for quality control of all these steps.

The most important aspect of the factory is its employees. They ensure that its employees are surrounded by a safe working environment, paid a living wage plus overtime and benefits, and of course, they are treated with respect. 85% of our employees are women.


We are saying NO to plastic. Our mailers and polybags are 100% biodegradable. This means that the package is made out of plants, and when you cut it into small pieces, you can throw it into a compost bin ;). Our packaging contains a recyclable can, in which you can store your favorite lingerie. The advantage of tin is that it can become infinite without sacrificing quality. 75% of all aluminum ever produced has never been in circulation. All of the products at La Tribeau are packed with recycled paper and embellished with biodegradable stickers.

  • Wear your lingerie as much as possible before washing them.
  • Use a washing bag for your lingerie when laundering in the washing machine.
  • Washing in cold water (or a maximum of 30 °C) is better for your lingerie and the environment ;).
  • Use eco-friendly detergent.
  • Skip the tumble dryer and line-dry your lingerie.


The way lingerie is treated after purchase determines its longevity. By optimizing the care of your lingerie, you can extend the lifespan and reduce the environmental impact. And of course, you can enjoy your favorite undie much longer.