5 easy best friend date ideas for Valentine’s Day


Tomorrow is Valentine’s day whether you love it or hate it. Where many see it as a commercial day, I came to the conclusion that it is an opportunity to celebrate loved ones in your life - romantic or not.

My roommate and I are both single so Valentine’s day isn’t necessarily a hot topic in our house. But last night when we were having dinner and drinking some red wine we came to the conclusion that it’s stupid. Because there is no greater love than the love between friends and love doesn’t always need to be sexual. So we should just celebrate this day together and not be sad about not having a significant other right now. Our time will come.

So we've created a list with 5 easy date ideas that we think are so much fun. And obviously, we share it with you guys because love is in the air. 

1 Do something you’ve never done before

My friends and I always come up with the greatest ideas for activities that we must do. Yet it never really happens. Life and the busy schedules that come with it always get in the way. So Valentine’s is the perfect day to make one of your ideas come true. Get crafty, book that spinning class that you’ve wanted to try, or finally try that restaurant you’ve been talking about for ages. 

2 Game night

From board games to card games, it’s the perfect activity for a date night at home. Ask your friends to bring their favorites and let the games begin.

3 Chick-flick night

Watching a good movie with my friends is one of my favorite ways to spend time with them. You can laugh together, stop the movie when you remember something you’ll have to tell immediately, throw in some skincare while you’re watching, and eat all the popcorn in the world. My girl’s personal favorites? A smashing chick flick like ‘how to be single’, ’27 dresses’, or ’10 things I hate about you'.

4 Host a small dinner

Invite a few of your besties and share your favorite recipes. Cook together, turn on the music, light some candles, and just enjoy each other’s company. Feeling festive and want to throw a fancy dinner party? Here are our greatest tips to make it go as smoothly as possible.

5 Bar crawl

Although a bar crawl maybe isn’t the best idea on a weekday it sounds like so much fun. So who cares, YOLO it is. Throw on a cool outfit and dance (drink) the night away.



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