Guideline: how to be a more sustainable shopper


It’s December and that probably means that you already went or have to go gift shopping pretty soon. And we are not the ones to be unreasonable. We love to buy presents for our loved ones as well. We can however be more aware of the impact that we are making on our globe.

Find your personal style

We understand that it is tempting to follow fashion trends. But you’d probably get bored with your trendy items when the new ‘hottest thing’ shows up all over your social media. A waste of your money as well as our planet. Try to find your personal style and wait a minimum of two weeks to buy something. This way it won’t be an impulse purchase and you have time to think about whether you need it or not. And remember: quality over quantity.

Pre-loved or earth-friendly

Another considerable tip is to buy your clothes on second-hand platforms like Vestiaire Collective or Vinted. Opting for vintage items is a great way to feel a sense of newness without buying brand-new clothes.

Another way to help is to support earth-friendly brands. It takes a little investigative work but it gets you started on your sustainable journey. At La Tribeau we are aware that producing new garments is not sustainable and we don’t pretend that is. However, we do our utmost to keep the entire supply chain as sustainable and ethical as possible.

Just keep pedaling

For the Dutchies among us, this one is especially easy for you. Using a bike – or walking -  contributes to reducing pollution. In addition, it is a perfect way to get some fresh air and a quick little workout in your day. So dress in warm clothes and brave the cold.

Be a great mom to your clothes

Taking good care of your clothes is very important. This way you can keep your beloved pieces longer as well as reduce the emissions that producing new clothing costs. To prolong the life of your clothing there are several easy tips you can implement in your routine. Think twice before washing your clothes as it damages them. When the time does come, wash your clothes at a low temperature, inside-out, and pay attention to care labels. Lastly, we are buying scented candles that smell like fresh laundry instead of air-drying our clothes on a drying rack. Sounds pretty stupid right?

Read more about our garment care via this link.


Upcycling is a big trend within the fashion industry at this moment and although we just told you to stay away from the trend, this is definitely one to be inspired by. If it’s not broken, you can probably adjust it to create some cool new pieces.


Vintage 2000's Bag

Prada via Vestiaire Collective

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