How to achieve the full 'mob wife aesthetic look'

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In the previous year it was all about minimalism and clean girl aesthetics. But now it’s time to make space for being as extra and glamorous as possible. Less is no longer more. We already spotted the mob wife trend at Haute Couture Week in Paris and it was also seen at Copenhagen Fashion Week a few weeks. This specific glam style is inspired by women from maffia movies like The Sopranos and we’re totally here for it. It’s all about bringing back vintage vibes! Can you spot the trend at Milan and Paris the upcoming weeks?

Big faux fur coats
Yes, you heard it right. Big faux fur coats are making a comeback in 2024 and I can’t complain about this one, for sure. You can wear the most basic outfit, wrap yourself up in a big fur coat while looking effortlessly elegant and feeling extremely cozy. The fur coat is in my opinion the statement of your wardrobe and this trend will last longer than you think it will ;) Tip! Shop them at a vintage store!

Full glam 
The mob wife aesthetic encourages bold choices, such as dramatic eye makeup, red nails, and a focus on luxurious accessories. It is a playful and liberating way to step away from the pressure of clean beauty standards.The mob wife look is characterized by slightly undone hairstyles, with big, bouncy, supermodel blowouts. The 90s influence is known for the use of blow-dry brushes for those styles.

The bigger the glasses the better  
In 2024 we are switching from minimalistic, small sunglasses to oversized 70s inspired sunglasses to create that mysterious mob wife look. Oh and these eye-catching sunglasses are great for hangovers too by the way! 

Lady in red
The color red dominated the runway during Paris fashion week, especially the color cherry red is the it-color as you may know already. From Burberry till Christopher Esper, almost every designer brand you can name involved cherry red in their runway collection. So how obvious is it for this chique, elegant color to appear in this mob wife trend. The miu miu cherry red kitten heel is a perfect item example and I am so obsessed with these.

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