How to plan the perfect road trip for the upcoming summer


Thank God summer is finally coming. As living in Amsterdam, I am happy to finally see some sun rays coming through my window.  I’ve been talking about going on a road trip for quite some time now I’ve decided that it’s time to finally do it. To ease up the process for you guys, I will give you a peek at my road trip plans and how to make sure to get your mindset ready.

1 Pick a destination

First, road trips don’t have to be 2 weeks +, you can easily do a quick road trip weekend with your best friends screaming your ass off in the back of the car listening to throwback songs.

With that being said, picking your destination is the first move. Time to get out that map and find the main destinations you are hoping to visit. Then link them together and start apps like Google Maps to find out driving hours. You can start road-tripping from home and drive for a weekend. Or fly out to another country, rent a car, and start your route from there.

2 Rent a fun car

Of course, it is nice to drive around in a fancy car, both for the road trip and for the Instagram content ;). Me and my boyfriend thought it might be cute to rent an old Fiat in Sicily, next time we will think a little smarter as the suitcases didn’t fit the car...

3 Don’t forget the road snacks

The most important part! Do not forget to get your favorite snacks before heading off. Sit tight and enjoy the view.

4 Plan en route entertainment

Whether you want to sing along to throwback hits with your girlfriends or have a chill playlist for an Italian road trip with your lover, let’s not forget that the music will be a make-or-break deal. The fun part is that making this playlist will get you in the mood for your trip weeks before. We have some ideas for you on our Spotify channel.

Tip: Create a contest and let every passenger make their own playlist. The best playlist gets rewarded with a cocktail!

5 Don’t forget to take pictures

Even when you were planning not to put them on Instagram, do it for the memories. Sounds cliché, but in a few months, if the photos pop up on your phone, I will promise it will make you smile right away. Plus, you might be ready to book your next road trip after seeing the content you took.
Tip from our tribe: try this with your disposable camera, the end result will be cool!

6 End with your bucket-list destination

Everyone has a cool location or property that’s been on your bucket list for a long time. Now it is time to end your trip with a BANG, book that room, and enjoy a dreamy mini vacation. Happy holidays!



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