Tribeau Trends #2


As you guys loved the first Tribeau Trends that we did on here about the ‘ugly’ shoe trend that would keep you warm and stylish in the colder days. I kept my eyes open for you to predict the new trends that the cool kids are raving about.

This item is more related to birthday parties than fashion one might say but life’s way too short to wear boring clothes.

I’m talking about the balloon influence in fashion. Which I believe we are going to see a lot more in 2023. Perhaps you remember the crazy balloon dresses by Fredrik Tjaeransen in 2019 that broke the internet. He showed his collection at the London Graduation show of the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Fashion. On the catwalk appeared models with colorful rubber-based balloons around their bodies, which deflated when the internal bolt was opened. The crowd was stunned.

Fast forward to Loewe’s Fall/Winter ’22 runway where the balloon bra was revealed. The it-item was quickly seen on superstars such as Emma Chamberlain and Doja Cat. And they didn’t stop there. Now Loewe’s Spring Summer ‘23 women’s collection includes surrealist footwear like – you guessed it – balloon shoes, as well as a balloon printed dress. I know it sounds weird but you heard it here first and I believe they're both on to something. Time will tell but if history tells us anything is that brands like to ‘copy’ or be inspired by big fashion houses.

Disclaimer: We understand that it is tempting to follow all the fashion trends. But you might get bored with your trendy items when the new ‘hottest thing’ shows up all over your social media. A waste of your money as well as our planet. Try to find your personal style and check if the items match.

Balloon inspiration

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