How to spice up your long-distance relationship


Going abroad - An experience many of us just do not want to miss. For work, study, or fun, you or your partner might want to discover living in another country. Or maybe you met online or on summer holiday and live both in different countries. The question is: what now? 

If you are in a relationship and you cannot go abroad with your partner, it can be tough. Some of you will love it and some of you will hate it, but it can be hard to keep your relationship exciting. But I am here to the rescue, and share the most important tips for a long-distance relationship to keep the spark alive.

1 Communication is key!

It may sound cliché, but I’ll start with it anyway. Communicate, please! And I’m not talking about the daily conversations on WhatsApp about what kept you busy today. It is about making your partner understand what kind of communication you prefer. Is a daily phone call of 15 minutes enough for you? Do you prefer chatting back and forth all day long? Or do you want to have some quality time once a week by video calling each other for 2 hours once a week? Whatever it is, express yourself! It is the only way the other person can take your preferences into account, and you will find out what works for you.

2 Date night!

But then a virtual one. With today's technology, it is possible. For example, both buy the same bottle of wine and some tasty snacks. Make sure you are alone in your room, light a candle, start a video call and laugh all evening. I promise you after a while, you’ll forget you are not on a psychical romantic date with each other.

3 Netflix and chill

You don't have to cancel your monthly movie night when your lover is on the other side of the world. With the extension of Netflix Teleparty, you can watch the same movie together. With this invention, you both are watching the same screen. If you press the pause button on your laptop, your partner's screen will pause as well. There is also a chat function, so you don’t have to switch screens between the movie and WhatsApp. You can discuss the movie or chat about anything else. Depends on your mood. ;)

4 Be your beautiful self

Just because your loved one is not around; does not mean you have to get down and dirty. Let’s face it, you feel crappy when you stay in your pajamas all day, right? Dress nice and put on some make-up like you normally do so! Be your best self, because long-distance gives you a lot of space for me-time. Oh, and very important, wear your best lingerie. Wearing nice lingerie makes you feel more beautiful and confident. I know, I know, no one will see it, but trust me, this colorful lover will make your day!

5 Send nudes

Because I was just talking about lingerie: you can always take a moment to show your loved one what they are missing. How? With a cute photo of you wearing your new underwear of course. Disclaimer: I’m not saying you must send nudes right away. You can make someone desire you in all sorts of ways. And if you do go for a spicy photo? Then make sure your face is not visible. Avoid situations you’ll regret later ;)

So, are you struggling with your distance relationship? Hold on to these tips and in no time your relationship will be spicy and sassy again.

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