Styling hacks to spice up your party wardrobe


It’s the most wonderful time of the year – and sometimes an ordinary party dress just won’t do anymore. Our social calendars are about to kick in fast (shop last-minute gifts here) – and we are going to need a lot of outfits for the upcoming days.

No need to stress out about this - our team is here to the rescue ;).

1 Color Color Color
During the holidays I like to pull out some glitter and color for a chic look and avoid all black. Go for color, you can wear black every day for the rest of your life.

2 Party top for the win
Ditch the dress - go for the party top.

3 Nail it
‘Glazed Nails’ are hot and happening after Hailey Bieber predicted that glazed doughnut skin was going to be a thing. It ended up being so popular that the model now came up with the candy cane glazed nails. Her tips were painted Christmas Candy red and the rest was topped with the glazed doughnut. Want to do this yourself? Check out Gimeau – they bring the nail salon to your home ;).

4 Party Shoes
Juxtaposing your shoes to your look is an easy way to dress up a cozy outfit. A casual fit with crazy heels will spice up your whole look.

5 Matchy-Matchy
The matchy-matchy style is guaranteed to secure you a spot on the best-dressed list this season. And with a touch of glitter, you are totally ready for the holidays.

Happy dressing!


Colored top

Rotate via de Bijenkorf

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Nail IT


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Party Shoes

The Attico via Farfetch

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