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New season, new trends. Not only in fashion we see many trends forming for the spring-summer season, but also in the makeup industry, we see a lot of changes coming. Some trends are coming back from the vault and others are new to the club. Either way, these trends are worth giving a try. Here are some favorites for the coming season. ;)

Not only is metallic a trend in fashion coming season, but we will be seeing it in make-up as well. From metallic nails to chrome eyes, this spring we’ll be shining all the way. Take your make-up look to the next level with some blue metallic eye shadow. Brands like Charlotte Tilbury, ELF Cosmetics, and Mac are all prepared for this coming trend. The look has already been spotted on multiple red carpets and fashion runways. So we’ll be seeing a lot more of this trend coming season. 

Blush it up
Blush has been the biggest trend in make-up for the past couple of years. It gives a soft, natural glow to the face. A perfect example of this is the strawberry make-up trend. What exactly is strawberry makeup? Our girl Hailey Bieber started this trend. The make-up look consists of a glowy base with red/pink tones. By using a pinkish blush in combination with a glowy foundation you create the strawberry base. Adding some pink eye shadows and a glossy lip you achieve the strawberry look. This is my personal favorite for an everyday look. It creates such a healthy and glowy look to the face, making it look like you’ve been kissed by the sun. Perfect for the coming spring & summer. 

Grunge make-up
Aka the opposite of the strawberry look. But that’s the fun part about make-up, you can try something new every day. Okay, Grunge makeup. Why, what, and how? This make-up look goes hand in hand with the mob wife aesthetic, it’s messy, dark, and gives off 90’s vibes. What we have been seeing lately is the combination of grunge and glam. It’s a tricky look to achieve but doing it the right way can change your whole look. The black liner will be your best friend for this trend. My advice to you: look up some tutorials so you won’t be looking like a panda. 

Colored mascara
In the past years, we all wanted to achieve an effortless no make-up make-up look. It was fun while it lasted but this year we are ready to bring some color back to our looks. What better way to achieve that than with some colorful mascara? Combine this with the metallic eyeshadow trend and you’ll be set for the season. But, I can understand that blue mascara may not be your cup of tea. Luckily for you, there are more options to join this trend. Like burgundy mascara, it’s not as noticeable as blue mascara but can make a huge difference in your look. Burgandy fits green eyes very well and brings out the color even more. So try something different this season and see what color mascara brings out your eyes the best. 


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