La Tribeau's guide on how to survive this winter


We at La Tribeau feel it too... It’s getting colder and colder and most people are a little more grumpy than usual. We are here to guide you through the upcoming dark, cold months so they are hopefully a little less worse. 

1. Take your supplements!

There are a thousand different supplements. So you may ask yourself ‘How do I know which ones are good for me?’ I’m going to get you started by sharing my 2 favorite supplements that work just right for me. My first and favorite supplement is vitamin D (especially in the winter). Do you notice how much happier most people are in the summer? This is because the sun gives you vitamin D that helps you produce serotonin (your happy hormone :)) It is also recommended to eat fish twice a week because fish contains omega 3 and omega 3 has A LOT of health benefits. Since I don’t eat that much fish I take capsules. 

2. Start journaling 

Isn't winter the busiest period of the year with lots of studying and work for most people? Because this period of time can be stressful it is extra important to process your thoughts by writing them down in for instance a journal book. By reflecting on situations, your thoughts, and emotions you can handle more of them at the end of the day and it will prevent you from getting overstimulated. When you notice negative emotions a gratitude journal can also help!

3. Get your ass to the gym

Even though this is going to sound cheesy, going regularly to the gym is the best decision I’ve ever made. You will notice a major difference mentally (by working out you will produce 3 happy hormones called endorphin, serotonin and dopamine)! as well as physically. I’ve already written an article on how to get a rounder and stronger butt on our tribe to get started ;)

4. Self-care Sunday 

Self-care Sunday is the perfect time to reset emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Self-care has a different meaning to everyone. Personally, I like to be a little productive in the morning so I make a list of small tasks (tasks I don’t have time for in the rest of the week). I like to clean my room, meal prep for the rest of the week, go for a long gym sesh and just plan out my week. After the little productive tasks, I'd like to take a long bath or shower, do my skin care, watch my favorite show, read a book and order some good food ;) 


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