New year, new me?


First of all, Happy New Year La Tribeau lovers. I hope you started 2023 with a bang and celebrated it with your loved ones. As I’m still trying to recover from the delicious La Tribeau cocktail line-up, I’ve wanted to quickly share something with this community. I’ve seen something happening on my social media that I would like to address before you get yourself all worked up in January.

Around new year’s, I find myself reflecting on last year and the goals that I may or may not have achieved. And when I don’t think of it myself, people on social media are kind enough to remind me with a recap of their best photos on Instagram or BeReal. So unless you are living without a cell phone, there is no avoiding it.

Now I’m not necessarily saying that’s a bad thing. I also regularly post on my socials and enjoy it. So when others want to share their favorite moments of the year, they should do that.

However, keep in mind that most people are announcing their biggest win, so please don’t compare yourself and your progress to others. Or as the cliché goes: don’t compare your chapter one to someone’s chapter twenty. Thereby, you’ve probably grown more than is shown in your pictures. This all maybe sounds a bit cheesy but it is the truth and we at La Tribeau think it is important to remind you of that. You are doing great and celebrating your small – not always captured in pictures - wins is just as valuable.

We wish you the best in 2023 and hope to see you soon.



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