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So… We are feeling a little behind with the latest fashion trends. But to be honest the weather hasn’t been giving lately. Amsterdam is covered with rainy clouds and our moods have been grey ever since. This means that until the sun arrives, we must bring the color back into our lives. And what better way to do that than with some good old fashion trends? So, we gathered our favorite trends that we’ve spotted on TikTok because, in the end, TikTok knows best right? 

We’re bringing the 2000’s back once again. Channeling our inner Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake in our best denim-on-denim fits. How to wear this trend? It's very easy to combine your best denim items and combine them, go for a co-ord look, and use the same kinds of denim to create a full outfit. Wear a denim dress or jumpsuit and voila - you’re done and ready to go.
Our best tip for you, go to your local thrift stores to shop the best denim for a small price, helping the environment and your wallet. 

Here are some local shops in Amsterdam that we love:
Enso vintage for the best vintage pieces, De Ruilhoek & Heleen Hulsman for our vintage designer lovers. Marbles Vintage for your perfect 501 Levi's, and Mick Keus for all your tailored jeans ;).

Butter yellow, blue and red
According to TikTok, butter yellow, blue, and red are the IT colors of the season. Red has been trending since October but seems to be fizzling out, is red done or making a comeback for the summer? Butter Yellow is a stunning color for the coming season, it’s soft and suitable for many skin tones. This color is the perfect mixture of beige and yellow, making it the perfect summer neutral. Baby blue, Navy blue, Royal blue. You either love blue or hate it. But this summer we’re all loving it. Exchange your black basics for blue ones this summer and elevate your looks. Combine the colors and you create a well-suited summer look. 

Tennis core
Bye-bye ballet core, hello tennis core.
So we’ve all heard about the movie Challengers, right? Challengers has been going viral on TikTok ever since it came out. Not only for the movie itself but the aesthetic combined with it. Elevating the Preppy/chic look to the next level and creating the tennis core. While promoting the movie Zendaya brought out all kinds of preppy looks styled by her stylist Law Roach to the carpets. The fun thing about this trend is the combination of preppy and chic, going for breakfast at 10 but having a tennis match at 12? No problem, with this trend everything is possible, and you’ll be comfortable while doing so, even if you’re not cheering at the Olympics ;).

Capri’s are back?
Remember when we were young and used to wear those three-quarter pants? Well, get ready because the capri pants are back and better than ever. I never was a big fan of Capri pants but now, while doing my research on this trend, I kind of get it…. It’s all about the styling of the pants. Combine it with kitten heels, an oversized (butter yellow) blazer, and some cool glasses, and you’re effortlessly chic! It’s the perfect pair of trousers for the weather nowadays. Not too hot and not too cold. Because the weather in Amsterdam can be quite a bit unpredictable so be prepared with your new beloved capri’s, A love story that deserves a second shot. Perfect for a day at the office or drinks at the end of the day. 


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