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If you have read my intro, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of TikTok. I spend more hours on that app than I probably should but I tell myself that it’s also for work because it keeps me up to date. Is it convincing? I hope so. Nevertheless, I take my job to keep you guys updated on what is trending on the For You page very seriously.

When the weather is dropping we tend to do more activities inside. It’s warm, you can wear your favorite socks, and the tea kettle is only a few steps away. Last year we were all about twisting candles. A fun activity where you could spice up your interior in a day with self-made funky candles. This year we are also getting crafty. 

We are talking about making your little home accessories like jewelry dishes or coasters with clay. It’s a simple and fun activity to do with your friends, lover, or family. You just need different colors of clay, clear varnish gloss spray  - that you can both buy at Action - some tools to carve the clay, and an oven. Start with molding the different colors into cool patterns and various designs. Then it’s important to get the right shape. For this, you could use some old items that you already have. Happy with the outcome? Put your self-made creations in the oven. And lastly, spray it with the gloss spray for a beautiful shiny finish.

See these TikTok video's to discover more. 

Happy crafting everyone!

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