Tips on how to date yourself

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This week was all about Valentine’s Day and that means a few things: love, relationships, flowers, dates, and of course lots of chocolate. But we underestimate the importance of the relationship we have with ourselves. It’s our most important relationship, so we must treat it like one. So here are my tips on how to date yourself ;)

Take yourself on a 'date'

Yeah, it can be scary taking yourself out for a little date but it’s important to spend time by ourselves. Take yourself out on a coffee date, order your favorite drink or cake, and enjoy! Of course, taking yourself out has a different meaning for everyone, it could be taking yourself out for dinner, or taking yourself to the gym for some me-time. For me, this means taking myself out to the city and spending time by myself. I love walking around with my headphones on and seeing what’s in stores nowadays. I always stop at my favorite coffee place to take a little break and order my go-to banana bread and matcha. Tip: have a little break from your phone as well!

Treat yourself!

Like Miley Cyrus would say ‘I can buy myself flowers’. With that being said, that is exactly what you should do. Treat yourself how you want to be treated by someone else. So go ahead, buy that thing you always wanted. Get the flowers you want to receive and keep the chocolate all for yourself. 

But why is it so important that we treat ourselves? Do it as a reward and use it for motivation. We work hard on our dreams, goals, and relationships and we have to acknowledge that. The only one who believes the most in you is you, so be your own support, you earn it!


The word says it already, pleaseeeee take care of yourself! It doesn’t happen overnight, you have to build a relationship with yourself. Nowadays self-care is much more of a thing, we romanticize taking care of ourselves, and I hundred percent agree. Self-care is different for everyone, for me, it means a lot of different things. Baking my favorite treats, taking a nice warm bath, going out, and buying myself something nice. Usually, it is doing what I want to do the most at the time and what’s going to make me feel the best. Sometimes that is staying in bed all day and other times it is working out and going somewhere, self-care looks different every day. 

Self-care is also the way you treat your body, doing your skincare, eating healthy, and working out. It’s showing that you care for yourself and your body. My advice to you, take more time for yourself, even if it’s just 30 minutes, do something small for yourself every day, it will all add up in the end! 


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