Trends I spotted at Milan Fashion Week

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It was my first Milan Fashion Week ever, and I must say: I am slightly obsessing over Milan. MFW has its own atmosphere and distinguishes itself from its sisters Paris, NY, and London. Normally big brands like Prada, Gucci, and Bottega Veneta put the spotlight on the city through tradition, craftsmanship, elegance, and femininity. But this year was different.

Exactly one year ago, fashion month was overshadowed by the news of the war in Ukraine. A crisis loomed and creative directors of the fashion brands mirrored the zeitgeist and adapted the direction of their collections for this winter. As a result, minimalism was the predominant theme during this fashion week. But don’t worry, there were also brands that had a lot of colors ;).

What does Milan think we will wear next winter? I'll just take you with me and show you the best trends I've spotted, and which La Tribeau might be inspired by for upcoming collections...

1 Back to the roots

Minimalism became the biggest trend of the week in Milan. Brands went back to their roots, which was a derivative of the crises and zeitgeist last year. Many accessible colors were spotted on the runway, such as grey, black, and beige, which makes the clothing very wearable and therefore sustainable (and you all know I am happy with that). The fashion world is anything but sustainable, but by making timeless classics you at least ensure that they last a long time, like we do with La Tribeau. For example, Prada showed uniforms and tailored silhouettes made of fine materials, and Etro embraced the floral print, just as we know them.

@ Prada

2 Layering as a styling trick

Following up on the first trend: minimalism. Brands showed that it doesn't have to be boring to wear minimalistic clothes. On the contrary, you can look very playful and make it interesting by layering minimalist pieces. Bottega Veneta, Max Mara, and Maison Margiela demonstrated this to us. By wearing multiple layers, you create new shapes in your look. Need another styling tip? N21 showed that tying a cardigan slightly differently, or wearing your slip dress upside down also provides an interesting touch.

@ N21

3 Dopamine dressing is here for the stay

Although the minimalist looks dominated the catwalk, there were also plenty of colorful surprises that made me feel more optimistic and happier. Dopamine dressing is hot! According to Milan Fashion Week, we're going all out with color blocking this winter. This can be done with bright colors, as seen at Fendi and Gucci, but can also be done with soft pastel shades, spotted at Prada and Diesel.

@ Fendi

4 Mixing textures  

The amount of textures I spotted during Milan is almost impossible to count on two hands, let alone combine these textures. Cashmere sweaters and silk skirts at Prada, teddy and quilted fabrics at Max Mara, and leather and silk at MM6 Maison Margiela. And I could go on and on.

@ Max Mara

5 Snatched waists

The fashion houses in Milan prefer to emphasize the waist, and I am so here for it. Oversized sweaters and shirts with large shoulders were spotted at TOD’s, which highlighted the waistline as its best. Max Mara, on the other hand, did it smartly, namely with a belt. So grab your favorite oversized blazer and pair it with a belt: snatched waists are served!

@ TOD's

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