Your underwear is meant to be exposed

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Lingerie is the first thing you put on in the morning and the last thing you take off. And as a woman, I would say that the right underwear brightens up my day. It just makes me feel so put together when the lingerie compliments my body. 

Nevertheless, I tend to cover myself up right away but how fun would it be to let your undergarments be a part of your outfit? Luckily for us, the designers agree. Last season the runways were full of sheer fabrics and now it’s all about layered clothing. Both trends are an easy way to show a snippet of your favorite lingerie. Because, why hide something that makes you feel powerful?

Easier said than done you may think. That’s why I would like to share my three beloved styling tips to accomplish a cool but accessible exposed bra situation.

1 Oversized blazer

This styling tip is probably the most common for when you would like to show off your undergarments. Take your favorite trousers out of your closet and top them off with a bra and an oversized blazer. This way you're still very much covered but showing the middle part of your bra.

2 Layer up with see-through fabrics

A great combination of the trends that are hot right now. Put on your favorite bra and mix it with different see-through, cropped, or chunky fabrics. Examples are a see-through shirt, a mini sweater, crochet, cut-out, or tops with a chunky knit.

3 Classic blouse

This one never goes out of style. Just grab a blouse and purposefully let it be (half) undone. We’d prefer an oversized blouse for a casual but sexy look.


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